Gaming Fun With Your Android Phone

The best thing about the new Google Android range of smart phones is that the big screen and novel input devices, such as the touch screen, accelerometer, and track ball, open up a whole new world of mobile gaming. However, not every type of game is suitable for this type of set up. In this guide, we have a look at some of the games currently available from the Android Market that use these devices:

Slide Puzzle – This nice looking version of the classic fifteen piece slider puzzle game does everything you would expect it to do, and makes good use of the touch screen.

Snake – Fed up of the impossibly slow, overcomplicated 3D versions of Snake that have been turning up on mobile phones recently? Then you will be pleased to learn that they have made a version of the original two dimensional classic for the Android. The only downside is that the trackball is not really as suitable for playing this game as a numeric keypad is, which could be frustrating in a pressure situation.

Sokodroid – In this game, the user has to push his or her red square or around, using the trackball or the touch screen, with the aim of pushing blue squares into holes. It is not the worst game in the world, but neither control surface is really suitable for the task in hand.

Solitaire – Fans of the classic Windows card game adaptation Solitaire may be disappointed to learn that this version is rendered vitually unplayable by the limitations of the touch screen device, which almost completely precludes accurate dragging and dropping.

Speed – Ever wanted to play Pong up and down the screen instead of across the way? Then download Speed, and all your dreams will come true! Using your finger makes it hard to move the bat with any accuracy, and it also kind of gets in the way of being able to see what is happening. However, if you can work around these difficulties, then it can still be a fun game.

Sudoku – An electronic version of the Oriental puzzle classic, which can be controlled with a trackball or your finger, although the controls are so fiddly that you will probably want to give it a miss altogether.

Tap Tick – In this diverting but ultimately boring reaction game, the aim is to stop an advancing counter when it reaches a certain number. Handy for checking if you are still alive, but there are better games out there.

Tetroid – This version of the classic puzzle game uses the accelerometer to allow you to tilt the various pieces into place. The controls can take a little getting used to, but once you do it is as gently addictive as ever.

Trap! – The aim the game in this touch screen version of the mobile phone gaming classic is to trap bouncing balls within as small a region of the screen as possible, without being hit by one while you are drawing a line. It is not bad, but the touch screen can be a little finicky.

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