Five Free iPad Games for a Cost Free Fun

Most games on the iPad are on the one to five dollars range. This is really cheap compared to most console games in Amazon or eBay. There are better things than that, though. Free. iPad games that are free to download and play, and does not need a credit card stored in your iTunes account.

Note though, that absolutely free games do not exist. After all, developers need to earn from their efforts in creating the game. These apps are coined “freemium” meaning the games are free to download but have some kind of in-game selling or in-game advertising.

Want some free fun? Download these free iPad games.

1. Falling Fred and Falling Fred Z – Two gaming apps of the same game concept. In Falling Fred, you control, using the tilt feature of the iPad, a falling ragdoll character named Fred through obstacles such as fire, wires and platforms. This game is not for the weak stomached, though. This is a really gory game where the character bleeds, get his limbs and head removed. Still, after every game, Fred somehow survives. Falling Fred Z is the Zombie version with not much difference.

2. Shadow Era – A strategy card game, much like Magic: the Gathering, in terms of game mechanics and artwork. The game is requires careful planning and strategy and is quite addictive. With this app, you can play with other players all over the world, some of which play though the computer or through Android devices. Naturally, if you want to play with other players, your iPad must be connected to the internet.

3. Gun Bros – Dual stick goodness! Play as one of the members of FRAGGED (Freakishly Rugged Advanced Genetics Galactic Enforcement Division) in order to gun down tons of intergalactic scum. Gun Bros is a shooter game controlled via dual sticks, where you direct walking on the left stick and the shooting on the right side. Collect guns, kill waves of aliens and hop from planet to planet!

4. Tap Tap Radiation – If you like musical rhythm games like Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution then this is the iPad equivalent. You must tap to the beat of songs from fun to intense difficulty setting. The game features a handful of songs and will charge you to download more songs like those of Lady Gaga or Pink.

5. Mega Jump – In Mega Jump, your cutesy little character jumps and keeps on jumping as long as you direct him to coins and power ups. This is not really an iPad app, but an iPhone, but you can scale up twice the size to take up most of the iPad’s large screen. Actually this game plays better on the iPad as you can hold the iPad like a steering wheel. Mega Jump is one of the best freemium games on iTunes so go grab this one as soon as possible.

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